SSD prices set to fall, claims Gartner

Great news for storage geeks – the cost of DRAM and NAND flash is expected to fall significantly in 2019, leading to cheaper SSDs!

The prediction, which has been made by Gartner’s research for semiconductors Jon Erensen, is supported by other tech companies such as Lenovo and could also result in cheaper smartphones and PCs. Erensen, though, is quick to point out that this is not guaranteed stating that whilst a fall in the price of DRAM and NAND will make it cheaper to construct a device, there is no guarantee that manufacturers will pass these savings on to consumers.

In the event that the prices of devices do not fall alongside memory, Erensen predicts that users will get ‘more bang for their buck’ with newer products possessing more memory, more storage and higher resolution screens for the same price as the models they replace.

The cost of DRAM and NAND flash began to rise in the middle of 2016 when a number of manufacturers began producing devices with more and more storage. This resulted in a shortage in both RAM and storage and, with demand outstripping supply, prices inevitably went through the roof.

This demand, though, will push manufacturers to increase production and Erensen expects the market to be flooded by cheap DRAM and NAND flash memory by 2019 as a result.