SSD Review: Western Digital My Passport

Ok, you’re probably thinking there’s a typo in that headline – there isn’t! Western Digital’s renowned My Passport series of portable drives have finally revealed their first SSD. Big news, right? But is it worth your hard-earned dollars?

The drive is available in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB flavors and offers a significant improvement on transfer speeds when compared with its archaic, Neanderthal-like cousins (you know, the ones with those ‘old-school’ moving parts?). In fact, it’ll transfer data at speeds of up to 515MB/s which is, well… quick, though not earth-shatteringly so – but certainly fast enough for 99.999% of us!

It’s a pretty cute looking thing – with its half matt-black and half-chrome shell. Also, it’s impressively diminutive dimensions (it’s just 1.8 inches wide and 3.5 inches high) mean that it’s highly, highly portable which – considering it’s a portable drive – is pretty darn important in our eyes!

Western Digital also claim that their first My Passport SSD can survive a 6.5 foot drop meaning it’s pretty tough. This is complimented by the company’s standard 3-year warranty and – to keep you safe in the non-physical world of bits and bytes – 256-bit AES hardware encryption!

So, that’s the good news. The bad? It’s not cheap: the 256GB model costs $100 whilst the 512GB and 1TB options are $200 and $400 respectively.

In short, if you really, really need a fast portable drive, the My Passport SSD could be for you. If, like most of us, you can live with a slightly slower drive, though, then an old-school spinning My Passport drive will give you a lot more bang for your buck!

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